Retirement Plans

The best designed retirement plan will fail to meet the needs of employees if it is not managed and communicated effectively.

The challenge of designing and maintaining a competitive, equitable, and cost-effective retirement plan is a daunting one for companies of all sizes. This challenge is equally formidable for employees who face the reality of projected longer life spans combined with the risk of outliving available retirement income.

With Roller Consulting Company as your Retirement Planning Consultants, we will help you design a plan tailored to meeting your employee’s investment objectives and retirement goals, all while containing internal and direct plan expenses. Our professional consulting services will help you address each component of an effective qualified retirement plan, including:

  • 401(k), 403(b), and Non-Qualified Defined Contribution Plan Design
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • Administration and Recordkeeping Services
  • Employee Awareness, Education, and Communication
  • Ongoing Retirement Plan Management