Health & Lifestyle Management

Our experience has shown that employees who are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and given the tools and resources to overcome potential hereditary health issues are happier and more productive at work.

Wellness Programs

We provide clients with Wellness options from the leading professionals in the industry.  Programs can be customized and tailored to particular employee needs.  Some might have a personal goal to lose weight, while others might wish to manage stress, stop smoking, eat healthier, or achieve other health and wellness goals.  Part of our Health & Lifestyle Management can include personal wellness coaches who help motivate employees to stay focused on their goals.

Healthcare Assistance

We have the resources available to assist employees with complex medical conditions, finding specialists, clarifying benefit coverages, negotiating medical bills and much more.

Work and Life Balance

We understand that life has its ups and downs.  Understanding this, we have resources available to provide professional, short-term counseling for employees dealing with a divorce, substance abuse, depression or other setbacks that may occur in life.

Top 3 Reasons For Implementing a Wellness Program

(1)  Reduced Health Care Costs Chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity account for 75% of US health cost (1) .  A robust wellness program can assist employers by identifying these problem areas within your company and assisting those employees with personalized service to get the support they need.
(2)  Increased Productivity and Work Place Morale Wellness programs offer a range of resources such as employee education, nutritional advice, and exercise programs.  We believe that healthy employees are happier and more engaged in their work, thus resulting in maximized performance for the company.
(3)  Reduced Absenteeism and Sick Leave There are multiple factors influencing an employee’s well-being—all of which can impact the employee taking off from work.  The education and communication provided through these programs assists employees in making the small lifestyle changes which have a significant effect on the company’s bottom line. For every $1 spent on wellness, companies save $5.82 in regards to absenteeism(2) .

(1) Source: American Public Health Association

(2) Source: Wellness Councils of America