Employee Engagement

Aligning employees with company goals and objectives has never been more critical.

Specifically, within the benefits function, we have the expertise to fully understand what questions employees should be asked to fully understand their particular wants and needs.

Custom Survey (Cultural Alignment and Employee Benefits)

The team at Roller Consulting can design and assist in the distribution and completion of custom surveys to gauge employee’s overall view and understanding of employee benefit plans, which in turns defines their alignment with the company.  Based on the employee’s responses, we are able to review this information and recommend solutions.

Employee Benefit Centers

We have the technology expertise to create custom employee benefit centers.  These online portals can be entered through URLs branded to your specific company and feature benefit coverage and contribution information, streaming videos, enrollment forms and links to additional resources.

According to research conducted by Gallup, engaged employees are more productive.  They are more profitable, more customer-oriented, and more committed to their employer.  As a result, world class organizations have a ratio of engaged to disengaged employees of over five times greater than average organizations.