Benefit Plan Management

Benefit Plan Management is critical for matching your human capital objectives with benefit plan offerings.

At Roller Consulting Company, benefit planning goes beyond simply quoting plans and structuring benefits as a reactive annual exercise.  Our approach is truly proactive.  By incorporating your long term strategic vision, this will ensure an efficient plan optimized for your business needs.

Overview of Our Benefit Plan Management Process:

Strategic Planning

We’ll meet regularly with you and your team to discuss strategies to optimize your benefit plan.  We’ll listen to your needs and recommend the best options for you.  Most importantly, we free you and your team to spend more time focusing on your organization’s future.

Renewal and New Plan Management

Each year, we uncover and examine the truths about your current benefits plan.  Is it really working? Is it costing you more than it should?  Is your benefit plan aligned with your organization’s overall goals and objectives?  Our advisor teams will present to you our findings and discuss how we can assist you in achieving your benefit program goals.

Online Enrollment and Payroll Integration Technology

Roller Consulting has a solution with a leading on-line benefit enrollment platform which enables employees to enroll in their benefits electronically.  The platform presents the information in a way that is easily understandable; saving the company valuable time and resources.  This technology can also be integrated into your company’s payroll vendor, allowing employee contributions to be taken out of the employee’s paycheck.

Private Exchange/Defined Contribution Benefit Solutions

Working with a fixed benefits budget and tired of tweaking your medical plan every year?  Setting up a private exchange could be your answer.  Under a private exchange, you provide a set benefits budget, or defined contribution, to each employee.  They will visit your exchange and choose between numerous health plan options as well as any other benefits you would like to include such as dental, vision, life and disability.  Roller Consulting’s advisor teams can conduct a full strategic analysis to determine if this approach will meet your needs and create an exchange that supports both your employees and your organization’s financial needs.

Roller Benefits Center

Limited on resources in your HR department?  Roller Benefits Center has the solution.  The dedicated customer service representatives in the Roller Benefits Center offer employees assistance with questions concerning their online open enrollment, qualifying status changes, life insurance conversion and any inquiries about coverage levels or eligibility.  Additionally, the Roller Benefits Center has the capability to assist foreign speaking employees through a translation service.