Financial Analytics and Benchmarking

As the amount of benefits data available continues to increase to the point of “big data”, the need for skilled resources to analyze and transform it into actionable information has never been so critical.

At Roller Consulting, we have experts who can help your managers understand the operational and strategic impact of this data to make the appropriate decisions for your organization.

Customized Claim Reporting Dashboards

We will discuss and present to you reporting dashboards that consolidate claims analyses, reporting, financial analyses and trending data and use this to forecast future claim projections.

  • In addition, we identify and track high cost individuals, which enable management to understand the potential implications on the health benefit plan

Dashboard Slide

According to McKinsey & Company, “if US health care were to use big data creatively and effectively to drive efficiency and quality, the sector could create more than $300 billion in value every year. Two-thirds of that would be in the form of reducing US health care expenditures by about 8 percent.”