The Roller Consulting Approach: Workforce Engagement

The Roller Consulting Approach:
Workforce Engagement™

The Workforce Engagement™ model is a 3-phase process for developing a strategic plan to help recruit and retain your best employees, save you time and money, and achieve your corporate goals.

The Process

Working with our partner firms around the country and our best clients, we developed a unique process designed for growth-oriented companies. The process allows our clients to:

  • Recruit and retain the best employees,
  • Keep those employees and their families healthy and productive, and
  • Achieve corporate financial objectives.

Workforce Engagement

Phase I: Discovery

  • Initial survey / discussion of current situation
  • Program assessment
  • Identify / discuss / prioritize issues & opportunities

Phase II: Planning

  • Identify & prioritize plan initiatives
  • Development of 12-, 24-, and 36-month Strategic Plans
  • Development of planning / service calendar

Phase III: Implementation & Measurement

  • Establish mission, tasks & standards for each initiative
  • Execute selected services & initiatives
  • Establish key measurement criteria
  • Create & monitor dashboard reporting structure for key measurement areas